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Prague Palindromes
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Prague Palindromes

“Prague Palindromes” is a series of 120 portraits created exclusively for MH SUITES PALACE, a new designer hotel in Prague. 

With this collection I set out to explore the symbiosis between people and places, each constantly morphing as a function of the other.

The title refers to the multi-directional structure of the works, conceived to be “read” in either direction: from the human element to the urban one and vice versa.

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Tangibly, each canvas juxtaposes a female figure and a Prague cityscape.

But figuratively, the images allude to mankind's creative impulse, to the visionary power that is within us and the beauty we are able to create.


Thus, the series as a whole becomes a kind of reflection on my own artistic process – itself, in a way, multi-directional – as well as a metaphorical portrait of the clients, the two (palindromic) owners of MH SUITES PALACE. (They, who are always eager to create something new and beautiful, and who have deep emotional ties to all of the locations depicted, are conspicuously present despite not being physically portrayed. And ultimately, they are the true subjects of this work.)

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